Episode 6

[What's My Story] Winifred Winston

Published on: 13th May, 2021

What if you suddenly received a diagnosis that your child has dyslexia? And the you find out that your husband has been living with dyslexia for quite some time? To top it off, you get diagnosed with ADD/ADHD?

With all of these different challenges happening in your world, how do you deal with all of that?

What's In Store For You

Our guest today is Winifred Winston and she is a best-selling author, advocate, speaker. She has worked in education, providing career management services. She is the founder of Dyslexia Advocation Inc. and she has made it her personal passion to provide resources and support so other parents need not go through what she experienced.

Let's learn more about how Winifred managed to still cultivate success even with all the trials she faced!

  • [03:36] We hear more about Dyslexia Advocation, Incorporated and what Winifred is up to these days.
  • [05:16] Before she got her diagnosis of ADD/ADHD, did Winifred ever feel different in any way?
  • [07:37] What was her journey to realizing she needed help and finding out she has ADHD?
  • [11:03] What were some of the things that Winifred now recognizes that she did differently because of her condition?
  • [17:08] When Winifred got the dyslexia diagnosis for her daughter, how did she feel, what did she do, and what's happening in her brain at that point?
  • [22:23] What did she go through after she found out about her husband's condition?
  • [25:15] How did she handle all of these issues from a work perspective?
  • [28:07] What kept Winifred going and becoming a success despite all of these challenges?
  • [31:25] What is the number one thing that we need to do to begin advocating for ourselves and our family regarding dyslexia?


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  2. Dyslexia Advocation, Inc.
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