Episode 14

[What's My Story] William Hung

Published on: 29th July, 2021

What if it takes, all of your energy to get up the courage to do something? And you do something really big and it doesn't turn out exactly as you expected and it happens in front of the entire world.

What do you do with that? How do you live your life and turn that into a winning hand?

What's In Store For You

William Hung was on Season 3 of the American Idol. He gave such joy to the world, not just because of his performance because of his attitude, the way that he showed up on stage, the way that he showed up in the room when he performed in and he used it as one of the launching pads of his success.

He is the founder and CEO of William Hung Academy. He helps people to live a bold and confident life. He believes that everyone has a right to try something new without being ridiculed or judged. But he also wants people to find their courage, chase their dreams authentically without abandoning their current responsibilities.

How can we do that? Let's listen to William's story of how he got from there to here.

  • [04:32] What's happening in William's World of Poker?
  • [05:06] Has William always dreamed of becoming a singer and performer?
  • [05:58] William shares some behind-the-scenes and his American Idol experience.
  • [07:13] What gave William the courage to audition even if he knew that he wasn't as phenomenal as other performers?
  • [08:22] What made William say that engineering was not for him (considering he had multiple degrees and has a passion for learning)?
  • [10:49] He was ready for Simon Cowell's criticism and was ready to accept his fate; how did being prepared for the worst help him get up again?
  • [11:59] He failed in his audition but America loved him. What changes started to happen in William's life after his stint in American Idol?
  • [16:08] How did he realize his affinity for poker and how did he develop his skills professionally?
  • [18:55] How does William infuse poker with his speaking and motivational talks?
  • [21:39] William shares the main message about his book "Champion By Choice".


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