Episode 7

[What's My Story] Paul C. Brunson

Published on: 20th May, 2021

How do you change the world? What's your plan? Why do you want to make a change in this big old world and are you good enough to execute that change?

What's In Store For You

Paul Carrick Brunson is a serial entrepreneur, television host, columnist whose specialty lies in teaching others professional and social skills internationally.

He is a recognized expert in interpersonal, relationships, personal development and entrepreneurship. He serves as a featured business columnist for USA Today. Co-host of the United Kingdom's Celebs Go Dating television show and the host of Better with Paul Podcast and event series.

Let's listen to Paul's story on how he dreamed big and made success happen through a growth mindset.

  • [03:44] Is the Paul Carrick Brunson persona similar online and in person?
  • [04:59] Oprah told him, "Paul is much more than a matchmaker." What exactly is being a matchmaker?
  • [06:18] What is it that gave Paul a hint that he would be good at being a "matchmaker"?
  • [08:36] What were the precipitating circumstances that built up his success as a matchmaker?
  • [10:41] What are some of the major stumbling blocks that Paul had to overcome?
  • [15:13] How did Paul develop a "lesson vs. challenge" mindset?
  • [17:12] What were some "mindset" shifts that contributed to Paul's success?
  • [19:04] Paul undertakes a significant amount of big projects, how is he able to handle all of these?
  • [21:42] How would someone recognize an opportunity for them if they are unclear as to when that moment presents itself??


  1. Kayla O'Brien Media - get a foolproof game plan for your video content and get the highest production value for it!
  2. Paul C. Brunson's website.
  3. Paul C. Brunson's upcoming projects including a conference in Jamaica this November and another one in Ghana in early 2022.
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