Episode 24

[What's My Story] Monica Morgan

Published on: 30th September, 2021

If you were in the midst of a war, what would you do? Would you run towards the danger? Would you run towards a bomb? Or would you find safety?

What's In Store For You

Monica Morgan is a prolific photographer whose credits include Muhammad Ali, Muammar Gaddafi, George W. Bush, Prince Charles, Aretha Franklin, Coleman Young III, Oprah, President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle, Obama, and Nelson Mandela to name just a few.

She's a speaker, a radio and TV talk show host who can be heard every Saturday from 4 to 6 p.m. Eastern time on Superstation 910 AM.

Let's learn how Monica used a harsh critique as fuel which eventually ignited her passion for photography.

  • [04:15] What's happening in Monica's world at the moment?
  • [05:21] How did Monica manage to get into photography?
  • [08:35] How can a person get into that mindset on taking control and growing into greatness regardless of what unsupportive people say?
  • [10:22] What did Monica instill in her mind to move forward from the harsh critique she received from an "educator"?
  • [11:30] Monica walks us through the moment when she first got noticed enough to be asked to take the photo of a famous person.
  • [14:12] When did Monica realize that she could turn her passion in photography into a career?
  • [16:34] How did Monica find herself running towards a bomb instead of away from it?
  • [18:23] What would Monica give as an advice to individuals who experience imposter syndrome?
  • [19:59] How was the experience of meeting and photographing Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson?
  • [22:29] How did Monica become Rosa Park's official photographer?
  • [23:47] We learn more about Monica Morgan Speaks show on 910am Superstation.
  • [25:12] What solace does going behind her lens give Monica?
  • [26:15] One piece of advice that Monica has for someone who was told that "they can't".


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