Episode 34

[What's My Story] Jonathan McLernon

Published on: 17th December, 2021

If somebody tried to kill you, what would you do? Would you fight? Would you flee or would you forgive? COULD you forgive?

What's In Store For You

Jonathan McLernon is a former nanotech researcher, marine engineer, globetrotting English teacher who has visited 45 countries in five continents.

He is a nutrition and supplement store owner and he helps empower people in their health and fitness journey after going through a pivotal moment in his life.

How did he renew his passion for life and take his power back after a near-death experience?

  • [04:59] Jonathan shares his amazing memories (and a trivia ;-)) from Venice, Italy
  • [06:35] Jonathan shares with us about his near-death experience in South Africa.
  • [12:32] How did Jonathan deal with the trauma of almost being beaten up to death?
  • [16:54] After deciding to forgive his attackers, how did he then start to make that pivot to getting healthy mentally and physically?
  • [20:35] How did Jonathan turn his pain into purpose? What caused him to start his business and decide that he wanted to coach people in weight loss.
  • [23:11] What is one quick step that people can begin to take next year to really begin locking in that that idea of better health?


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