Episode 18

[What's My Story] Emily Katz

Published on: 19th August, 2021

They say that beauty is only skin deep but is it though?

What's In Store For You

She's an image presence consultant, Master makeup artist with Elle Beauty Genius. She is recognized as a high-profile celebrity makeup artist for the likes of Minnie Driver, Michelle Williams, Sharon Stone, Bradley Cooper, among many others.

She's done makeup for a lot of elite TV shows like "Lost". She has done makeup and personal image consulting for a lot of top leaders. Her goal is not just a help you be beautiful through makeup, but to help you achieve the right image so that you can connect and have great relationships with others who you come in contact with.

Let's listen to Emily's story and find out how your beauty within can also be reflected externally.

  • [05:12] How did Emily get started in this industry?
  • [07:18] How big of a deal is having the right makeup in Hollywood?
  • [09:43] What was the moment for Emily when she began to realize that her work was more significant than simply putting some materials on somebody's face?
  • [15:08] What are some of the things that Emily shares with people as she begins to make the transition from a makeup artist to someone who transforms a person's life and image?
  • [19:44] What did Emily do to get herself to a place of recognizing true beauty beyond the makeup?
  • [25:40] When does Emily think is it easier to reject superficiality and truly see one's self? When you're at a place where you feel good about yourself or when you don't?
  • [29:03] Is there a connection between how you dress up with how you show up on camera or in person?


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