Episode 27

[What's My Story] Dr. Will Moreland

Published on: 21st October, 2021

When you look in the mirror, what or who do you see? Do you recognize that person and are you happy with that person? And let's just say that you're not happy with that person. What do you do about it?

What's In Store For You

Dr. Will Moreland is a military vet turned speaker, success coach, and philanthropist. He's coached and spoken for some of the largest companies in the world, including Edward Jones, Boeing, Intel, and he's written 22 books!

What lesson are we going to find out from his story?

  • [03:40] What's amazing in Dr. Will Moreland's world right now?
  • [04:59] What is Dr. Will's background? Who were the 3 major disruptors that brought positive change in his life?
  • [10:37] After having the "ideal" life and career, what triggered Dr. Will to pivot?
  • [15:54] What is a "Clarity Journey" and how did it help Dr. Will find his true purpose and significance in life?
  • [20:26] How can someone go on their own "Clarity Journey" when they are trapped by their circumstances?
  • [25:34] What is one exercise that Dr. Will does with his workshop participants that allows them to start on their clarity journey?


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