Episode 29

[What's My Story] Dr. Ty Belknap

Published on: 4th November, 2021

What if as a teenager you ended up homeless and hopeless? That's a tough situation for any stage of life. But if that happened to you, what would you do about it? How would you make your come back?

What's In Store For You

Dr. Ty Belknap is a professional success coach. He's a former IT professional and he is the CEO of MyCoach.Life.

What does MyCoach.Life do? How did someone go from an abandoned, homeless, and hopeless teenager to an introverted developer and eventually turn into a successful coach and entrepreneur?

Let's learn about life (and coaching) lessons from Dr. Ty today.

  • [03:55] What is the most exciting in Dr. Ty's world right now?
  • [05:23] Dr. Ty shares the difficulties, challenges, and mindset he had to overcome as a homeless teen.
  • [06:54] What specific moment took place to help him navigate the challenge of his situation at a young age?
  • [08:10] How did he realize that he still had the mindset of a homeless person after he started his own business?
  • [09:16] What did Dr. Ty do differently that allowed him to start navigating away from his imposter syndrome mindset?
  • [11:48] What differentiates Life Coaching from all other coaching principles?
  • [16:41] How did Dr. Ty - an introvert and as someone dealing with abandonment issues - begin to navigate leadership and business?
  • [21:53] Why does Dr. Ty call himself a Life Coach if he is doing Business Coaching?
  • [24:25] What are the biggest belief challenges or obstacles that Dr. Ty keeps running into with his business coaching clients?
  • [26:07] Do I really need a coach? What is the value that getting a coach can bring vs. doing self-help online?


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