Episode 31

[What's My Story] David Wood

Published on: 18th November, 2021

What if you had the opportunity to fly, like on a paraglider, and then that paraglider collapsed and you had an accident. When you literally are brought back to earth, how do you come back and make a difference?

What's In Store For You

Our guest today is David Wood and he is a former actuarial consultant. He was previously ranked by Google as the number one life coach and he has worked with thousands of coaches. He had a paragliding accident and went through a pivotal moment after that experience.

David is the author of "Get Paid For Who You Are" and he ultimately helps people become the leader that they would follow. How did he come back from his paragliding accident and pivot to amazing success?

  • [04:35] What is the most exciting thing that David is up to at the moment?
  • [06:12] David takes us back to the time of his paragliding accident
  • [09:26] When David did realize how close he was to the ocean, what was in his mind at that point?
  • [12:14] What are some of the immediate lessons that he shares to clients who want to stretch and grow but are afraid of the consequences?
  • [18:39] Sometimes doing things like flying, riding a motorcycle, doing things that stretch you come with some potential risks and consequences. How does David know what the balance is and know when you should stretch further?
  • [22:28] David tells us about the central tenant/principle inside his book and how that can help people.
  • [25:41] What else would you suggest as a step that I can take in addition to reading that book, that really helps me to close that gap and really be able to step into their authentic self?


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