Episode 17

[What's My Story] Corey and LaQuita Staten

Published on: 12th August, 2021

What do you do when you cross a blind guy, his wife, and a life? You get one heck of an inspirational life and love story.

What's In Store For You

We have an amazing story of grit and perseverance today. This is a story that most of us do not have the opportunity to go through. Most of us aren't able to experience this. Most of us have sight and we are not able to experience blindness.

Our guests have known each other since childhood and they stuck with each other through all of the challenges through thick and thin, through sight and blindness. How do you lose your sight yet thrive in life as a couple? Corey and LaQuita Staten share their uplifting love and life story.

  • [04:44] Corey and Laquita tells us more about Atumpan and how they help celebrate culture and educate the world.
  • [05:59] How does Atumpan help celebrate weddings?
  • [09:12] What was Corey and Laquita's life before he experienced his pivotal life moment.
  • [14:30] Corey's diagnosis and the steps taken to cure him are revealed.
  • [16:39] One last procedure and then everything turned black in Corey's life.
  • [20:15] After totally losing his sight, how did Corey and LaQuita navigate their relationship with each other?
  • [24:56] Did LaQuita's naivete about the gravity of Corey's situation help their relationship survive the long haul?
  • [27:16] What are some of the things that LaQuita and Corey share with people that they counsel based on what they have gone through as a couple?
  • [31:33] What piece of advice does Corey find himself giving most often?
  • [33:43] Why do people need to find Corey and LaQuita and how they serve the world?


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