Episode 20

[What's My Story] Christina Daves

Published on: 2nd September, 2021

Would you willingly break a bone if you knew that it was going to catapult you to success?

What's In Store For You

She's a serial entrepreneur and an award-winning inventor. She had careers in event planning, land development feasibility - she's also owned a retail store and is now the designer and manufacturer of MediFashions which are award-wining accessories to make medical devices fashionable. She's been featured in 50 media outlets in less than a year. And over her entire career, more than a thousand.

How did Christina Daves turn an accident into a goldmine of success?

  • [04:15] What made Christina stumble on MediFashions?
  • [05:30] What is it that allowed Christina to turn a broken bone into a business opportunity?
  • [07:29] What turned the opportunity into an invention?
  • [09:30] How did the "Steve Harvey" moment come about into Christina's sphere?
  • [11:15] How can Help A Reporter Out (HARO) help with media exposure?
  • [14:16] How can I make a news outlet be interested with me?
  • [16:44] What is it that somebody needs to do to turn their story into something newsworthy?
  • [18:38] How do I find the media outlets to pitch to?
  • [20:50] How much time should I be dedicating to pitch and get 50 appearances?
  • [22:05] Are there other media outlets that I should consider aside from the big news outlets?
  • [23:03] How can "PR For anyone" help people be newsworthy?
  • [24:00] What fears prevent people from pitching?
  • [25:14] What are some areas to be wary of as I increase my pitches and subscriptions?


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