Episode 23

[What's My Story] Candice Mama

Published on: 23rd September, 2021

How would you handle it if you came face to face with a killer? What if that killer had taken away someone who was very near and dear to you? What would you do at that moment?

What's In Store For You

She's one of Vogue Magazine's Top 33 Most Inspiring Women In The World alongside Nicole Kidman, Michelle Obama, Malala Yousafzai. She's one of 75 people that the United Nations chose to honor in 2020.

She's a TEDx speaker and a three-time published author - contributor to Contributor to SHE by the UN, Peace-Building for British Council and her own book "Forgiveness Redefined". She has also been chosen to lead the UN-backed initiative "Women Power in South Africa", making her the youngest member ever to hold that position.

Let's learn how forgiveness became Candice Mama's super power in today's What's My Story podcast.

  • [04:05] Candice is cooking up something exciting!
  • [04:53] What feelings did Candice struggle with as she began to realize the magnitude of what happened with her father?
  • [07:19] Who is Glenack Masilo Mama and what impact did his loss have not only to Candice's family but to the drive towards fixing racial inequality?
  • [08:03] Did the fact that her dad was an activist affect her differently than if he wasn't?
  • [09:37] What began to happen in Candice's mind and body when she was a teen that became a pivotal moment in her life?
  • [11:27] What were some of the early thoughts that Candice had towards her father's murderer?
  • [14:05] How did Candice the opportunity to meet the one who took away her father's life came to be?
  • [15:51] What were some of the questions that began to flood Candice's mind?
  • [16:49] Did anything shift for Candice after she talked with her father's killer?
  • [18:24] What thoughts were running through Candice's mind as she was finally face to face with Eugene de Kock.
  • [20:12] How would Candice have reacted towards Eugene if he had not been remorseful when they met?
  • [22:09] What developed after Candice bestowed forgiveness to his father's killer?
  • [24:19] What prompted Candice to advocate for Eugene's parole and what was it like for her?
  • [26:10] Candice shares the catalyst for writing her book "Forgiveness Redefined".
  • [28:10] Candice's final word to anyone who has ever experienced loss or trauma in their lives.


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