Episode 3

[What's My Story] Brian Fanzo

Published on: 21st April, 2021

Have you ever felt different? Have you ever wondered why you see the world differently than almost everybody else around you? Our guest today is one such unicorn who is "ADHD Superpowered".

What's In Store For You

Today we have the amazing Brian Fanzo. Brian is digital futurist keynote speaker who translates the trends of tomorrow to inspire change today. He spent nine years as a leader at the Department of Defense, but now he runs a successful company. He has received recognition as a Top 20 digital transformation influencer, a Top 50 Most Mentioned User by Chief Marketing Officers on Twitter, and a Top 25 Social Business Leader of the Future by The Economist.

Let's listen to Brian Fanzo and learn how your uniqueness can become your own superpower.

  • [04:18] What is a digital futurist?
  • [05:58] How much of an Apple and Steve Jobs fan is Brian?
  • [07:37] Niche down or multi-hyphenate? Where does Brian land in?
  • [10:13] Brian walks us through his experience and people's perception on his performance before he was diagnosed with ADHD.
  • [15:24] How did Brian get diagnosed with ADHD and how it became his superpower?
  • [18:42] For those without ADHD, what are the conversations or topics that they get excited about when talking with Brian Fanzo.
  • [23:38] Brian shares how he works through and around his ADHD.
  • [26:18] Where can you reach out and get help if you have ADHD?


  1. Confident On Camera Challenge begins on April 25th, 6PM EDT. Join us!
  2. Kayla O'Brien Media - get a foolproof game plan for your video content and get the highest production value for it!
  3. Brian Fanzo's website;
  4. The Misfit Mafia on Clubhouse;
  5. iSocialFanz - get more info about Brian and what he's working on.
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