Episode 2

[What's My Story] Bill Reiman

Published on: 15th April, 2021

Have you ever broken a bone before? Have you ever been to jail? Have you ever been in a life-threatening accident? What about all of the above? How would you deal with it?

What's In Store For You

Our guest today is a rock star real estate investor and construction expert. He works with the RK Reiman Construction, Inc. All of the challenges listed above - he went through it all of those and more. He has experienced many extremely difficult life challenges yet he still managed to bounce back and made success happen.

Let's listen to Bill Reiman and learn more about grit, resilience, choices, and success.

  • [03:50] What's happening in Bill's world at the moment?
  • [05:38] Bill walks us through his journey in football.
  • [06:55] How did his dreams of turning Pro end?
  • [08:43] What options did Bill consider after his football career ended suddenly?
  • [10:04] Bill shares what led to his traumatic experience and the aftermath of it.
  • [14:14] What was the emotional roller coaster that Bill went through after he experienced these challenges?
  • [17:43] Bill provides us an insight into his next life challenge due to an impulsive life choice.
  • [20:10] What significance does "Personal Development" have on turning Bill's life around?
  • [24:42] How did Bill start getting into the groove and turn RK Reiman into a successful venture?
  • [27:56] What are some of the resources that Bill would recommend that helped him in his journey of personal development?
  • [30:07] The Real Build Podcast - learn all about construction and real estate!


  1. Press N' Sow - they will help take your idea from concept to creation. They will help you create a message, mission, and a brand that stands out above the rest.
  2. My Vision Is Clear Experiences podcast by Elaine Kennedy (Guest: Robert Kennedy III)
  3. RK Reiman's website;
  4. Read, Set, Go Speak program;
  5. The Real Build Podcast by Bill Reiman.
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