Episode 33

[What's My Story] Angela Mulrooney

Published on: 9th December, 2021

What if you paid a lot of money and studied for years to do something that was important to you, something that you're passionate about and then all of a sudden it was taken away from you? What would you do if you physically couldn't perform your job anymore?

Would it be a setback or would it be a comeback?

What's In Store For You

Dr. Angela Mulrooney is a former dentist turned personal brand expert. She works with professionals and small businesses to get them noticed as the go-to-expert in their industry, especially on LinkedIn.

She's a professional speaker. She's a choreographer and dancer and has several business businesses, but the common theme in all of them is that she named them with one word: UNLEASHED.

How did she shift from dentistry to being a personal brand expert? Why did she name her businesses UNLEASHED? Listen and learn how to unleash your full potential.

  • [04:47] What's happening in Angela's life right now?
  • [06:00] What made Angela go into dentistry? What was the pull?
  • [07:27] What roadblock did she stumble upon that made her stop pursuing her love for dentistry?
  • [09:31] What caused her predicament? What actually transpired that caused her injury?
  • [10:35] What did Angela feel when she finally realized that her career as a dentist finally ended?
  • [15:07] How did Angela begin to make her pivot and figure out what the next step was for her?
  • [17:08] What are the lessons she learned that stood out for Angela to realize that she can take the lessons and shift to coaching others?
  • [18:48] Angela shares how she grew into her new space and what her initial experiences were?
  • [21:10] What is it that Angela advises people to do to really unleash / upgrade their influence?
  • [22:41] How can I influence others to grow my brand if I'm a "boring" person?
  • [23:36] How can I find my "tribe"?
  • [25:36] Who are the people that Angela works with? Who does she coach?


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