Episode 4

[What's My Story] Alicia Butler Pierre

Published on: 29th April, 2021

"We're all born and blessed with natural skills, talents, and abilities."

Sometimes you want to leap into your dreams. Sometimes you want to do something different because you know you were made for something greater. But everybody, maybe even including people in your family, are telling you that you shouldn't do that.

What did our guest do to rise up and be someone better than what other people thought she could be?

What's In Store For You

Alicia Butler Pierre is the founder of Equilibria, Inc., an operations management firm specializing in increasing the bandwidth for fast-growing small businesses.

Aside from being a businesswoman, she's a podcast host, a two-time bestselling author, and has generated over a million views with online content.

Listen to Alicia and learn how to do a business based on your passion despite the challenges she went through.

  • [05:16] Before we go through Alicia's journey, what is keeping her busy these days?
  • [06:18] How did Alicia know that her passion is growing businesses and developing their infrastructure?
  • [08:36] Alicia takes us back to the pivotal moment in her career and what made her shift gears towards her passion.
  • [12:18] What were the moments when Alicia felt she might have made the wrong decision with her pivot shift?
  • [13:55] What are some of the challenges that Alicia faced as she was starting up her business?
  • [16:53] They say, "charge your worth". How can someone get out of the money mindset and do a value for value barter instead?
  • [20:14] How did Alicia's business start picking up the pace and then growing?
  • [24:35] Changing her messaging from "professional organizing" to "business infrastructure" made Alicia's business boom. How critical is the right messaging or branding to a business?
  • [27:26] Starting up a business is a lot of work and most of the activities do not bring a person joy; what mindset did Alicia have to pull through?
  • [31:07] What are the things that Alicia did to get the attention and business of larger companies?
  • [33:15] Alicia shares more about Behind The Façade, her book the discusses the framework she created about developing businesses 
  • [38:04] One last golden nugget: learn the 3Rs of development as per Alicia Butler Pierre.


  1. Confident On Camera Challenge begins on May 2nd, 6PM EDT. Join us!
  2. Kayla O'Brien Media - get a foolproof game plan for your video content and get the highest production value for it!
  3. Equilibria, Inc.'s website;
  4. Behind the Facade: How to Structure Company Operations for Sustainable Success by Alicia Butler Pierre;
  5. Free 30 Minute Discover Call with Alicia Butler Pierre
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