Episode 35

S. Monique Smith - A Living Jane Doe

Published on: 23rd December, 2021

What if you were living your life, but you are officially listed by the government as an unidentified living person like a john doe or a jane doe. 

What's In Store For You

S. Monique Smith is a real estate investor. She runs a $30 million minority owned business. She has been featured on HBO's Black and missing and she is known for her work with the Center of Missing and Exploited Children.

She is the executive director of the documentary, the Longest Living Jane Doe and she is the award winning author of I Am The Ancestor: Before I Die, I Must Share My Story.  

How did she regain her identify after years of being missing?

  • [04:05] S Monique shares with us the difficulty of finding her identity.
  • [08:08] How did S Monique navigate the world of finding her identity?
  • [09:57] Now that she was a mother, how did S Monique handle explaining her life to her children?
  • [16:30] Despite not having a proper identity, how did S Monique manage to run a $30 million company?
  • [22:52] How did the name S Monique come about?


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  7. S. Monique's Book Signed I Am the Ancestor Book | Known as Monique
  8. Longest Living Jane Doe - Docu // Short Film Trailer on Film Shortage - film documenting S. Monique's life
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