Episode 46

Michael Buzinski - Vision for Marketing

Published on: 7th April, 2022

If you had a business, making millions of dollars, living the dream...would you just SHUT IT DOWN? OMG...WHAT on earth could happen to make you give up THOSE kinda numbers???

Let's hear THAT story today!

Let's go!

What's In Store For You

Michael Buzinski is the #1 Bestselling author of The Rule of 26. He is a rockstar marketing and lead generation expert. Michael was dubbed a visionary marketer by the American Marketing Association.

  • [06:40] Michael shares the reason behind shutting down his million dollar business
  • [10:13] What were the struggles Michael had to endure as a result of shutting his business down?
  • [16:41] How did Michael balance reinventing and envisioning while handling real life?
  • [20:20] Michael gives an insight on what he learned during his transitional period.
  • [23:06] Michael shares more about his book - The Rule of 26

Everything that happens to you to to you in life is your stuff. 

Even the challenging stuff, All of that is your stuff. Your stuff is your story and your story deserves a stage.


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