Episode 49

Mary and Gabi Angelini - Living a fulfilled life

Published on: 28th April, 2022

You deserve to be fulfilled...RIGHT? You deserve to enjoy life...right?

Well, what if everyone doesn't believe that and in many cases may even make it DIFFICULT for you live in a way that fulfills your own God-given purpose? What do you do when they do that to a family member?

We've got a story to tell. Let's go!

What's In Store For You

Mary Angelini is the co-founder of Gabi's Grounds and Gabi's PALS. In 2020 they opened a ware house to ship orders, create candles and pack gift boxes.

  • [05:51]Gabi shares her first experience in obtaining a job
  • [07:06] Mary shares how she felt seeing her child getting rejected while seeking employment.
  • [07:39] What were some of the ideas that Mary and Gabi came up with first in order to start their own thing?
  • [08:29] What challenges did they face in starting out?
  • [09:09] Why did Mary and Gabi decide against opening a coffee shop?
  • [11:47] Mary and Gabi got the courage to hire other people. What gave them that courage?
  • [12:45] With employers now on board, how does Mary and Gabi ensure they provide an environment that's empowering, inviting and encouraging?
  • [16:13] Mary and Gabi share more about their other business venture - Gabi's Pals

Having a dream is important. Having a dream is crucial, is critical as a matter of fact, its the life blood for a lot of people.

If you don't have a dream, if you're just floating along in life, then it's pretty hard to function because you don't have a destination, you don't have something that you're pushing after and when people challenge you, when people make assumptions about you, if you don't have something that pushes you past the hurt, pushes you past the pain, pushes you past the insults then it can be challenging to live an enjoyable and fulfilling life.


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