Episode 50

Erin Ley - The Miracle Maker

Published on: 5th May, 2022

Oh that 6 letter C word. When you hear it you cringe. You immediately think the worst and it strikes fear in the heart of almost everyone who hears it. Yeah, we're talking about CANCER! UGH!!

But what if you hear the word...and they're talking to YOU...ABOUT you...and you haven't even really had a chance to live life?

How do you deal? How do you respond?

Well...That's our conversation today on What's My Story...Let's go!

What's In Store For You

Erin Ley is an entrepreneur and a miracle maker. She is a Best Selling Author and is the Creator of the Life On Track Coaching program which is also the name of her summit and TV Show.

  • [06:50]Erin shares the first time she was told she had cancer.
  • [10:13] After getting the dreaded news, how did that affect Erin's mentality?
  • [13:07] How did Erin help other cancer patients overcome the fear of their diagnosis?
  • [17:57] How does Erin help people who feel stuck, unclear or lost, find a vision?
  • [21:14] Erin shares how her own story helped her to focus on her coaching of other cancer patients.
  • [25:16] What does meditation mean to Erin? What advise does she give to people who struggle with meditation?
  • [27:14] Erin shares more on her book and its impact on other people's life.

Life is a journey, Life is an amazing journey and it can be a full journey, whether it's short or long, it can be full and just meaningful if you decide intentionally that you are going to take it on. 

Everything that happens to you in life is your stuff, your stuff is your story. 

And as we say, every week, your story deserves a stage. So get on out there and tell it, will you? 


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