Episode 47

Dewaine 'Griff' Griffin - I am Thumbody

Published on: 14th April, 2022

Who are you? No really, who are you? Are you nobody? Everybody? Anybody? Antibody? Homebody?

When things are challenging, how do you LIFT YOURSELF UP?

Let's go!

What's In Store For You

Dewaine Griffin is the co-Host of the Get Up Mornings with Erica Campbell morning show on Radio One. He is the founder of the Process Success Foundation and a partner for the Long Term Care Awards

  • [08:19]Griff shares a story about his mom and the speech she used to influence his life
  • [09:23] What was Griff's childhood like? He gives us an insight on his childhood.
  • [11:33] Was it Griff's dream to become a comedian?
  • [13:20] What obstacles/challenges did Griff face on his way to becoming a comedian?
  • [18:51] Griff gives advise to struggling actors/comedians.
  • [27:02] Griff tells us more about his Process Success Foundation

Everything that happens to you to to you in life is your stuff. 

Even the challenging stuff, All of that is your stuff. Your stuff is your story and your story deserves a stage.


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